Swing-Quickie: What makes a good swing dancer…by Sharon Davis

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“Dance beautiful basics and don’t be afraid to be repetitive.”

Sharon Davis visited us from London, where she runs her own dance school JazzMAD, to teach a weekend full of Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz. She has been studying these dances for almost 20 years

What makes a good swing dancer, be it follower or leader?

1) Have fun. Be a social dancer and have a good time.
2) It’s a 2-way conversation. Be present and involved in the dance. Remember that you dance with your partner.
3) Listen to your partner and the music.
4) It’s not about the moves, but about simple things done perfectly. So, dance beautiful basics and don’t be afraid to be repetitive.

Tanzen war schon immer ein Teil von Christins Leben. Über Ballett, Jazz und Modern Dance ist sie bei Solo Charleston sowie Lindy Hop und Balboa angekommen. // ENGLISH // Dance has always been a part of Christin's life. Coming from ballett, jazz and modern dance she found her dance love in Solo Charleston, Lindy Hop and Balboa.

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