Swing-Quickie by David Perez

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“Be conscious of your body”

David Perez is a West Coast Swing Dancer from France and professional massage therapist. We asked him what dancers can learn from massage therapists for their dancing.

Here are his thoughts:

“Why do you take a massage? To have a good time, right? Think the same way for dancing. Massages will show you how to relax. How to be conscious of each part of your body. How to take your énergie from earth.”

Aymeline and David – who will be our massage therapists for CozySwing 2018 – are two therapists passionned in the caring of people as much as dancing. A year ago they started cares for people in the dance community.
They propose various methods like manual therapy, cupping, shiatsu and energetic balance, … to improve your muscular, articular, emotional and energetic pains.If you just need or wish for a relaxation Time, you can also offer yourself an oil massage.

You can book massages with either one of them at CozySwing 2018 directly with them via facebook or at the event!

Verena ist professionelle Tänzerin und Yogalehrerin. Sie reist regelmäßig durch Europa und die Welt um zu Tanzen, zu Unterrichten und sich Fortzubilden. // ENGLISH // Verena is a full time dancer and yogi who travels the world to learn about bodywork, movement and body mechanics. She teaches at the Hep Cat Club in Augsburg, Germany and at international festivals and events.

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