Swing-Quickie: Creativity ideas…. by Natasha and Olivier

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“Never copy somebody, but make it your own.”

How can I be more creative?, is one of the most asked questions in the dance community. That is why I asked our Augsburg Balboa Festival trainers Olivier and Natasha exactly that. They are both fluent in several swing dances including Balboa, Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing and travel the world teaching and dancing.

Here are their key points to creativity:

Have the weight on the front of the feet to be free to improvise.

Listen to the music.

Play with contrasts such as smooth and sharp.

Look, listen and adapt. „Never copy somebody, but make it your own.“

Tanzen war schon immer ein Teil von Christins Leben. Über Ballett, Jazz und Modern Dance ist sie bei Solo Charleston sowie Lindy Hop und Balboa angekommen. // ENGLISH // Dance has always been a part of Christin's life. Coming from ballett, jazz and modern dance she found her dance love in Solo Charleston, Lindy Hop and Balboa.

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