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In the last years there has been some amazing documentaries and movie releases covering dance related topics. All of them are available on online streaming platforms. I present to you: My top picks for a movie night amongst dancers or for a rainy Sunday afternoon on your sofa. I will be starting this series with the best documentaries:

Alive & Kicking: Lindy Hop. Captures the spirit of swing dancing and the community spirit of the dance in beautiful movie material. Interviews with some of the most popular international dancers world wide as well as secret and upcoming hot shots from tomorrow. This documentary impresses with the artistry of its pictures and the poetry in which Swing dancing is captured. Just beautiful and entertaining to watch. An inspiration for the soul with heartwarming insights in the life of professional swing dancers and the people that make the community strive.

Ballroom Babies: Ballroom. Portraits  the daily life of British children who do competitive ballroom dancing with a heartwarming sense of humour. The kids are incredibly lovely and I personally laughed tears watching all the episodes. Following little ballroom babies at the age of only two years old to some of the best teenage couples in the ballroom world this documentary makes you laugh all the way through.

Restless Creature: Ballett. Follow Wendy Whelan, former prima ballerina of the New York City Ballett, in her last year performing and how she recovered and danced (!) on stage after hip surgery. Wendy is a warrior of a dancer and her passion to create art and her discipline make her one of the most fascinating dance personalities of our time.

Hip-Hop Evolution: Hip Hop. Definitely one of the harder to watch documentaries for me personally. But the fact that Hip Hop and Swing Dancing share the same roots I feel it is a must for the serious swing dancer. The documentary goes back to the birth of Hip Hop. Interviews and stories from DJs and artists give insight in the culture and spirit of the music as well as the dance. Maybe not the best party material but definitely a good background for dancers striving to dive deeper into different dance worlds.


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