Playlist: Boogie Woogie Music for Beginners

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Our second Boogie Woogie Level 1 beginner course in the Hep Cat Club had it’s last out of eight classes yesterday and we are happy that Boogie Woogie dancing is growing in our hometown. Rock’n’Roll and the dance itself is fun, cool and creative –  Especially our Lindy Hop dancers likes the fresh new tunes and the speed this dance offers them. For all the Boogie lovers out there I’ve created a Boogie Woogie Playlist for Beginners.

Easy but fun is the motto of these tunes and I hope you like them for your practice our just to listen to when you feel you need some extra swag in your daily life!

I might be updating the playlist from time to time and whenever I find something fresh and new that is danceable and perfect for boogie I will put it in the list. So make sure to safe your favorites and come back to it another time to find new song as well. Enjoy!

Der Hep Cat Club ist die Heimat der Augsburger Swingtanz-Community. Neben wöchentlichem Unterricht, Festival und Events wartet eine ganze Menge Social Dancing in diesem wunderschönen Studio im Herzen der Stadt auf dich. Neben Swing sind wir Profis in Yoga und bieten weiteren Specials wie Jazz Dance und Ballett. // ENGLISH // The Hep Cat Club is the home of Swing Dancers in Augsburg, Germany. Classes, festivals and events and lots of social dance is waiting for your in the beautiful studio right in the heart of the city. Apart from swing we are experts in Yoga and offer specials such as Ballett and Jazz Dance as well.

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